TRAVEL: Sedona and the Grand Canyon

I am already caught up in the hustle and bustle of the new school year.  Summer seems like a lifetime ago at this point and my heart is yearning for another visit to Sedona, AZ.  A stroll through the deep red mountains clears your head and fills your soul.  The rain had set in and drizzled on us throughout our hike but seeing the dramatic cloud roll in was worth getting wet.

The only thing better than discovering a new place is watching our kids discover it together.  We have been traveling together as an extended family for ten years.  This time together is invaluable to the bond they will have forever.

We stayed at the lovely LaAuberge de Sedona Luxury Resort.  The food there was amazing.  We would enjoy a large breakfast before heading out to our daily adventures.  In the afternoon we would come back to our cabin near the stream and sip on a nice Sauvignon Blanc or a bubbly.

During the drive from Sedona to the Grand Canyon you will see approximately six different ecosystems.  From the red rocks of Sedona up the mountains into a lush evergreen area, across flat plains as far as the eye can see until you reach a dessert that opens up into the Grand Canyon.

As beautiful as these pictures are they cannot possibly capture the vast spender of this amazing landscape.  This is a place you must experience for yourself, see with your own eyes and sit at the edge of the canyon to take it all in.  You will leave feeling refreshed and balanced.

Author: Jana Erwin