TRAVEL: Influences of Italy

I found myself standing in the center of Rome, looking around and imagining all that this mega city has seen. It was hard to even wrap my mind around it. The never-ending stream of Vespa’s weaving through the narrow lanes of traffic gave the city a fast-paced feel. Still, there is something ‘easy’ about it, almost like a flow.



We spent several days in the heart of Italy; hitting the necessary tourist attractions before making our way to the coast for some much needed “r and r.”














Janette and I travel together, along with our families, and prior to our adventures we would fantasize about being so inspired during the vacation that we’d whip out our sketchpads and start creating new lines of jewelry on the footsteps of monuments. We have come to discover that is not how it works for us. Of course, new adventures inspire newfound creativity, just not always in that exact moment. The truth is that traveling takes us out of our daily routines and our familiar environment and turns our senses back on, even elevating them to new levels. We are able to store the inspiration and we can access those memories at anytime. We will pull from this knowledge when we are back in the office, our kids at school, husbands at work, and we have the conveniences of home at our fingertips.

We may not always have the breathtaking view of Italy in front of us but we will always have the memories.

Author: Jana Erwin