TRAVEL: Amalfi Coast

I’m sitting in my office with the doors open, overlooking the pool and listening to the birds chirping happily nearby.  We have had unusually fresh, crisp weather in Texas this spring so I am soaking up these days while they last.  The view of the water and the fresh air makes for a relaxed work day yet I find myself distracted, reminiscing of our trip to the Amalfi coast.  The view from the property we stayed at has the same vibrant blue of my pool.  All that is missing is a cold Prosecco in my hand.

Janette and I love to travel with all our family to places that will inspire us and keep our creativity nurtured. The Amalfi coast of Italy did not disappoint. 

We hired a driver to maneuver us along the very narrow and winding coast.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions we made as we saw large buses getting stuck in the tight turns and Vespas whipping their way in and out of traffic.

We first travelled south down the coastline to a quaint town called Positano. It’s mostly blocked off to the traffic and has great shopping.  Of course we also squeezed in some “photo ops.”

Once we were back at our house getting ready for dinner I noticed an old woman tending to her garden.  I’m not sure “garden” is even the correct word since it is several tiers and has massive amounts of lemon trees and tomatoes.  I later learned that she is the owner of the property we stayed at and also the restaurant below.  They used fresh ingredients picked daily with every meal. The house and restaurant is now run by her grandchildren and she could not be more proud of the lifestyle they built from scratch for her family. At the end of each meal we would toast with Limoncello.  It is a local liquor made from the lemons growing around the property.

After a great nights sleep we were ready for a day at the beach. The rocky beach is hot on the feet which helps the transition into the cold water of the Mediterranean. We eventually got used to it but it would always take your breath away the first time you jumped in. The salt in the water is so abundant you leave feeling as though you have been at the spa.

A trip to Italy would not be complete without a cooking class! We went to a beautiful, organic farm and learned authentic Italian cooking. We picked the herbs, tomatoes and zucchini from the garden before beginning to roll out our fresh pasta.

And of course, at the end of the class we enjoyed the fruits of our labor and saluti with Prosecco!

Until we meet again Italy…….arrivederci!

Author: Jana Erwin