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Pomanders are herbal and crystal liquid combinations that were developed to protect and refresh your physical and emotional being. This includes your aura, which immediately surrounds the physical body. Your auric body can be damaged by everyday stress and regular applications of a Pomander around your energetic field can strengthen vulnerable areas and help to calm, clean and stabilize your personal space. Kirlian photography has shown this protection to last up to several hours after application and can offer a refreshing effect on everyone you encounter.

Each color has a different quality in which it is associated. You can choose a color based on this information or rely on what you are drawn to.


Clean, purifying white cleanses the atmosphere and bring light in to renew energies and help make space for new beginnings


Pink brings unconditional love to ourselves and those around us and supports us when we feel vulnerable. It helps us care for ourselves, harmonizes groups, and aids in grief

Deep Red:

Deep Red has a grounding energy that can be good after meditation or in extreme situations where you may emotionally want to escape. Warming an energizing it may have an aphrodisiac effect. May also help deal with survival issues like money and health


Red is grounding and energizing. It helps to overcome negative effects of resentment or animosity. Reduces shyness and helps deal with aggression. It’s good for earth energy work


Coral brings an awakening that gives a deep sense of joy and an understanding of global oneness and our place in it.


Orange helps to deal with our spiritual shocks or fears and balance our aura when we feel “beside ourselves.” Orange helps to let go and accept all that is going on around us


Gold helps us to find abundance within ourselves and use our wisdom to its fullest potential. Gold reduces anxiety and fear and help to accept, receive, relax and digest.


Yellow brings the sunshine in and eases an overactive mind. It is great to use when studying.

Olive Green:

Olive Green brings wisdom into your heart to find your own way. It improves your ability to remember. It can help in confrontational situations and difficulties with people. It helps if you are feeling trapped or unable to find a clear direction.


Green helps to clear negative emotions such a jealousy and envy. Green frees you up from old ideas that are no longer working for you and opens you to a new direction. Can help in decision making.


Helps to creatively communicate what we are feeling. Great to use while public speaking or if you have stage fright. Turquois encourages playfulness and releases fears. It helps us to remove the “masks” we wear and become whom we truly are


Blue deepens the peace within ourselves and can help with communication. Blue can overcome feelings of isolation. When we expand less energy in our own pre-occupations we have more energy available to do what we need to do

Royal Blue:

Royal Blue helps to open us to our powers of imagination and intuition. It can help us detach from emotions so we are not overwhelmed by them


Violet opens our perception and awareness to connect to our mission and purpose. Helps to find our gifts and heal belief systems that are based out of fear


Magenta can help put love into the little things so that this same awareness might be available in the bigger things

Deep Magenta:

Deep Magenta is energizing and soothing at the same time. It recharges you when you have given all your energy to others and it is time to take care of yourself. It allows you to live in the present

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The Pomander Air Conditioners provide atmospheric support by protecting, strengthening and refreshing a living or workspace. We suggest to select a Pomander Air Conditioner based on its color energy, supportive qualities or to complement a personal Pomander or other Aura-Soma products you may be currently using. The formula for the Air Conditioners is somewhat stronger so that only a few short bursts sprayed into the atmosphere will disperse the energies throughout the desired area.

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Pomander Colors

Magenta, Deep Magenta, Violet, Blue, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue, Turquoise, Green, Olive Green, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Coral, Red, Deep Red, Pink, Original White