DESIGN: Our First Flip House

When I’m driving from one client’s house to another, I pass so many homes that are in a state of disrepair. Lot values are increasing in the sought after neighborhoods of the inner loop of Houston and many of these old homes are being demolished. I love the character these old structures have collected over the years so I decided I was going to rescue one! When I posted on social media that I had purchased this one-hundred-year-old bungalow my friends thought I had lost my mind. I admit, it was pretty rough but I could see the potential right from the start.

I didn’t want to lose any charm so I kept all of the original wood siding, awnings, window boxes, and even brought the front porch back to its original state. Let’s face it; the best part of this era was the porches so that was a no brainer. I also added a fabulous tile, just to have a little fun.

When you’re doing a flip you continually have to decide what is worth restoring and what needs to be laid to rest. The detached garage easily went into the “ditch” category and I replaced it with a fun “party-coche.” This dual-purpose space allows for parking while also being the perfect party spot.

When I walked through the front door for the first time I was thrilled to see original hardwood floors. They were in pretty good shape so I refinished them in dark ebony to make it more modern. Everything else in the house is light and bright. There is not a single spot that isn’t touched by natural light.

Other than the gorgeous hardwood floors, the rest of the house was basically a gut. It still had all the old knob an tube wiring and the original plumbing. I can tell you that old plumbing does NOT have charm. It had fire hazard written all over it.

The kitchen was large but outdated and had a poor layout. Plus, I wanted to close off the entrance to the master bedroom and add and en suite, walk-in-closet, and bring the washer and dryer inside instead of being out in the garage. The new layout is a major improvement and much more functional for how we live today.

When we began tearing down the walls we discovered…shiplap! I had my heart set on a modern design so I couldn’t leave it throughout the house but I still honored it by creating the vent hood and finishing it with a grey stain. I LOVE this feature.

I wanted the kitchen to be on the cutting edge of design so I added sconce lighting, open shelving, and charcoal grey cabinets. By keeping the countertops a classic white marble this kitchen will stand the test of time.

The powder bath is a throw back to how I imagine it should have looked; classic white subway tile, old pedestal sink from a historical salvage yard, and marble accents. I also removed the closet and opted for open shelving to make the space feel larger.

The master bedroom received an adorable old louvered door on sliding hardware to make good use of space and keep the character going throughout the house.

I kept the finishes in the master bath simple. We needed to add a window to the bath so I found an old window matching the style of the home. The little details give it authenticity. If there was a mixture of “some old” and “some new” it would feel like a remodel. Instead, this home looks freshly updated but you can’t tell where I’ve added or made changes because the bones are still the same.

The final room of the home is a front bedroom/office/sitting room. I installed reclaimed windows in place of the door to bring in more light.

Last but definitely not least, I added French doors going from the breakfast area off the kitchen to the new deck overlooking the huge back yard. Every home needs French doors somewhere. Period.

Now all that is left is for them to pry it out of my fingers so it can go on the market. I have to remind myself that I restored this amazing home to be lived in and loved by someone else. I just can’t keep all of them…but I kind of want to!

Author: Jana Erwin