All Natural

Using natural elements like semiprecious gemstones, horn and metals is definitely not the easiest medium to create with but it is what we believe in. While many have turned to the synthetic replicas, we have stayed true to our mission of keeping our line natural. The process of finding the raw material, having it cut to specification and then hand-selecting every individual stone is time consuming but it is the only way to get the highest quality. Synthetics can mimic a look but they just don’t have the same feel. Using natural materials from the earth also means our resources are limited. There have been times we wanted to use the same agate or turquoise from a previous season and we can’t get the same color or pattern. Sometimes we can’t get the material at all! As frustrating as this can be, it adds uniqueness to each piece that mass production does not allow. We are proud to say that our hands have touched each stone, our eyes have studied each piece of horn and our hearts have loved each design.

Author: NEST Team