A Different Way To Do The Holidays

I love the movie ‘The Grinch’ starring Jim Carey. When I say love, I mean I can nearly recite the entire masterpiece by heart. This Christmas season I ask you, using the famous words of Cindy Lou Who, “Is it all a bit superfluous?” Several years ago I found myself up to my elf ears in Christmas cards, shopping lists, cookie exchanges, and completely stressed about buying gifts for my extended family. I decided it was time to let some traditions and expectations retire to a long winter’s nap. I suggested that instead of getting presents for each other, we go on a trip! Everyone was thrilled with the idea and we headed down to Costa Rica for a Christmas getaway that we still talk about today. Now our entire family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and sometimes even the dog) takes a vacation together at least once a year. We still have a lovely Christmas with our immediate families, complete with good food, wine and lots of laughter. We just took the pressures of gift giving off of our shoulders and replaced it with quality time and new adventures. This season I challenge you to think outside the beautifully gift wrapped box and decide for yourself what this holiday means to you. What changes could bring you the most yuletide cheer?

Author: Jana Erwin